3 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Child For College

March 24, 2020 at 4:00 AM
There are some simple steps you can take to get your child ready for college.

Congratulations! Your child has officially been accepted into college. Now it’s time to turn the pages and prepare for a successful chapter two. “How to get my child ready for college” is the resounding question many parents are asking. Making the adjustment from high school to college requires a substantial change in routine and lifestyle. For some, this change can be difficult and some adjust easier than others. When students leave their childhood homes new responsibilities arise like cooking, cleaning, and becoming self-sufficient. In addition, there is a need to practice healthy activities like daily exercise and proper dieting. While this may sound overwhelming, we’ve prepared a few easy ways to get your child ready for a successful college career.

Summer reading.

College will offer many opportunities to read a vast variety of different academic materials. With this, your child will be expected to read and process a larger influx of dense information and concepts. The summer before your child begins their first semester, try to encourage and implement a summer reading plan. We recommend aiming for a novel a week. Much like a workout routine, reading is a skill that requires regular practice to improve. It is helpful if your child is reading novels that they want to and focus on cultivating an interest in the material.

Establish a solid study schedule.

College offers a wide variety of activities and opportunities to participate in a wide variety of campus clubs. With so many tempting activities going on at once, it can be hard to find the time for your child to buckle down and focus on studying. Committing to a daily study schedule is a helpful tool for making sure that your child has enough time to focus on academic work.

Chart an academic course.

It is important that your child considers possible majors they might be interested in pursuing. As a reference point, try to work off of their high school interests and the subjects that they excelled in. This will help your child choose what classes they want to take their first semester and help them succeed in their courses. This will also give them an advantage in completing their major on time.

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