Our Results

We are proud of the results of our students

Our results

There are a few different ways to determine success rate for a college admissions consulting company. Many companies claim they have an 80-100% success rate but what most people do not know is that they work with pre-approved college lists. This means that their clients have to submit a list of colleges they want to apply to and a counselor will only approve the list based on the likelihood of said student gaining admissions.

EAS looks at students holistically, not just at GPA and SAT scores, and maximizes the student's potential through their personal statement and essay. EAS also assesses which colleges the student has a chance of attending and bases that assessment not on increasing EAS' success rate, but on the student's desires. EAS collaborates with students to make a list of schools they are likely to gain admissions into as well as schools that are more selective, but all are ones that the students wishes to attend. All EAS students have gained admissions into college, but the majority gain admission into 80-100% of their choices.

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