3 Reasons You Need an Independent Educational Consultant

April 24, 2023 at 10:00 PM

With so many educational options available, from public schools to private institutions, it’s not uncommon to be unsure about what course of study is best for your student. That's where an independent educational consultant (IEC) comes in. IECs are professionals who provide advice and support on choosing the right high school, college, or university, and then navigating the admissions process. In this blog post, we will discuss what an independent educational consultant does and three reasons why you may need one.

What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

An independent educational consultant is a professional advisor who helps students navigate the complex college application process. They provide personalized advice to students and families, including college selection, essay writing, career counseling, and scholarship searches.

IECs have vast knowledge and deep insight into the education system, specific admissions policies, and academic requirements of colleges and universities. They possess exceptional communication and organizational skills, as they have to work closely with students, families, and educators.

To become an independent educational consultant, one needs to have the appropriate qualifications and skills. Educational consultants can possess degrees in any field as long as they demonstrate a deep understanding of the education system as it relates to the needs of students. Furthermore, thorough experience working within a high school or university admissions office is critical, as it provides independent educational consultants the necessary skills to appropriately advise prospective applicants.

3 Reasons to Use an Independent Educational Consultant

Individualized support

One of the most significant benefits of working with an independent educational consultant is the tailored support that they provide. Each student has different needs, interests, and goals. An IEC can help identify and evaluate which school may work best for each unique student. They can partner with scholars one-on-one to create a comprehensive list of potential schools, and help make sure that students include every school that can appropriately support a teen's emotional, social, and academic growth.

A personalized approach

Another benefit of working with an IEC is the personalized approach that they offer. Unlike high school guidance counselors or college admissions officers, independent educational consultants work with families to provide specific advice based on their needs. An IEC can help with every aspect of the admission process, from crafting the perfect essay to securing financial aid. The independent educational consultant can be a valuable sounding board and ally throughout the application and admissions process.


IECs are experts in education. They have extensive knowledge of the admissions process and can provide valuable insight to families looking to navigate the complex landscape of school admissions. They have often visited multiple campuses, attended conferences, and have established relationships with admissions officers at many schools. IECs can offer advice with the benefit of first-hand knowledge of what "fits" with different types of students and families.

Choose the Trusted Experts as Independent Educational Consultants

Selecting the right educational path for your child is a critical step on the road to adulthood. Working with an experienced independent educational consultant can provide invaluable guidance and support to ensure that your child reaches their full potential. Whether your child is applying to private school, boarding school or college, an IEC is a knowledgeable, informed teammate who can help ensure that your child is on the right path. Consider hiring an independent educational consultant not only for the admissions process but for support, expertise, and individualized guidance throughout your child's educational journey.

If you are looking for an independent educational consultant, contact the experts at Educational Attainment Services. Our knowledgeable, reliable team is uniquely positioned to guide prospective students to their best-fit school. Get in touch with us today.