Benefits of Working With an Education Attainment Service

October 26, 2022 at 10:00 PM

Your teachers. Your parents. Your doctors. Your coaches. People have managed to get accepted to college for generations, and they did it without the help of an educational attainment service. So why get a consultant now when so many people have gone without?

In a word, competition. More students are graduating from high school than ever before, and more graduates are seeking secondary education. And while the number of degree-seeking students has exploded, the number of new higher education institutions lags. As a result, demand for four-year degrees is booming, and supply crawls at a snail's pace.

Students who want an edge over the competition need an advisor in their corner. Educational attainment services employ counselors with years of experience in actual college admissions offices who have tried and tested success in bolstering students’ college admission chances. Here are the top 5 ways an educational attainment service adds value to your application process:

  • Admissions Advisors Know Intimate Details About Universities and Their Programs

Not only do admissions advisors know the facts and figures around specific schools' admissions standards, but they also know the nitty-gritty about what kind of students are actually being accepted. Advisors can offer their experience about whether certain schools are accessible, even with low test scores, and they know where you can get by with only one specialization. With their deep experience, admissions advisors at educational attainment companies can ensure that the school you are applying to is a good fit academically and a realistic bet for admission.

  • Educational Attainment Services Have Reliable Information

There is a reason you're not allowed to cite Wikipedia as a source in a research paper: it is changeable, and that makes it an unreliable source. Advisors at educational attainment services are the equivalent of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. They have correct, current information that is reliable and verifiable. Rather than trusting the internet or outdated college guidebooks for vital information like tuition rates, majors available, or admissions statistics, consult a professional admissions advisor.

  • Advisors Keep You on Track

Your college admissions advisor will manage your testing schedule, recommend what classes you should take, and keep you on track regarding applications, essays, and letters of recommendation. When it’s time to compile your actual applications, advisors will help with essay writing, short answer sections, scholarship applications, and supplemental documents for your application.

  • Consulting Former Admissions Officers Improves Your Chance of Acceptance

When you use a reputable educational attainment service, you will work closely with former college admissions officers. These counselors have expertise and experience to help you compile the most compelling application for your target school.

  • Educational Attainment Services Have Comprehensive Financial Aid Knowledge

Educational attainment services take great pride in getting acceptance letters and helping students find ways to fund their education. An educational advisor can help you find and apply for scholarships, university financial aid, or federal financial aid. Admissions advisors can even help you select your course work once you have been accepted into college to ensure that you are maximizing your time in university to avoid paying for extra semesters.

An educational attainment service gives students an edge to being admitted into university at a time with the field is more competitive than ever. Students who have admissions advisors get thorough, reliable information, plus support in applications, financing, and academic planning. There is no better time to seek out the services of an educational attainment service.

For more information about success before, during, and after college, read Affording and Surviving College by Mark Lewis. Then, to retain the best in college admissions consultation services, contact Educational Attainment Services today.