College Counseling Services to Stay on Track for Applying

September 10, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of students throwing graduation caps into the air on their way to higher education because of college counseling services.

The college application process comes at a tricky time. It’s the culmination of 12 years of school for seniors. They’re balancing homecoming, their last semesters of high school, and making crucial decisions about their future and the rest of their lives. It’s tough just to find enough hours in the day to get everything done. It can be extra challenging for students with less-than-perfect GPAs and test scores to stay on track with college applications.

Working with a college counseling service gives students dedicated time to work on their applications. They receive direct attention from experienced professionals who can help them get into the college of their dreams––even if they don’t have a perfect GPA. Use these tips for staying on track with the college applications process.

Take advantage of early admissions

If your student has their heart set on one college, consider taking advantage of the early admissions deadline. You have less time to prepare, but seniors can focus on making the one application genuinely shine.

Plus, if they’re accepted, for the rest of their senior year on applying for scholarships and financial aid.

Don’t stop applying for financial aid

Start applying for financial aid before you even submit college applications, and don’t stop. Treat application essays for scholarships as practice for college essays. The more scholarships and grants your student applies for, the more potential aid they’ll receive.

Part of what makes it hard for students to stay on track with applications is not being able to visualize themselves attending college. Knowing you have at least some of the first year paid for can inspire lasting motivation to get through the application process.

Make a spreadsheet with requirements and deadlines

Keeping track of application requirements and deadlines–even when you’re applying to a handful of schools–can cause even the most dedicated senior to avoid the process. Create a spreadsheet with hyperlinks to keep track of upcoming due dates, necessary paperwork, and school contacts, so there’s one place to look for all the application process information.

Dedicate time every week to working on applications

Treat college applications like any other responsibility, like homework, extra-curricular activities, or work. By working with a college counseling service, you commit to spending a set amount of time preparing applications. Plus, you get the advantage of working with a college admissions expert.

Review, review, review

The tricky part of applying for college is it’s the first time you’re doing it. How many people are skilled at something they’re doing for the first time?

Any extra time your high school student spends reviewing their application materials and preparing for the interview goes a long way towards a successful admission process.

Working with a college counseling service also gives you the advantage of years of experience from people who’ve worked on both sides of the admission process. The 2020 Educational Attainment Services class featured eight Ivy league students and over $13M in merit-based scholarships.

The college counseling services at Educational Attainment Services can help you achieve your higher education goals.

Your high schooler is more than test scores and a GPA. At Educational Attainment Services, we help students with less-than-perfect academic records stand out with exceptional applications, college essays, and interviews.

If your high school student is having trouble seeing beyond graduation, we offer collaborative college counseling services. We help students visualize their ideal college experience, stay on track through the application process, and get into their top college choices.

We specialize in getting students into Ivy League schools with experienced, ethical, and reasonably priced advisory services. From choosing colleges to applications, interviews, and even financial aid, we’re a resource for families from every socio-economic background. Your child can have the college experience they deserve with our college counseling services.