College prep guide: what to look for in a college campus

February 23, 2021 at 7:00 AM
College prep guide: what to look for in a college campus

Choosing a college or university to attend is a big decision. You will forever be tied to the name of the institution as your choice for secondary education. As Educational Attainment Services, we’ve made it our job to help you get into the school that’s right for you. We’ve put together this college prep guide with seven things that you should be looking for in a college.

Academic fit

How you fit into the academic world of your school should be a major point of emphasis. The beauty of attending college is that you get to choose what you study. While you can earn a degree from just about anywhere, it might not be in the field in which you want to pursue a career. You wouldn’t go shopping for a suit at a pet store, would you? The same goes for college. Make sure the schools you’re considering have the program that’s right for your future.

Graduation rate

The point of attending college is to graduate. If you see a school that has a low graduation rate and a high drop-out rate, this can be a red flag for what your experience might be like. A high graduation rate can be a sign of a positive experience from start to finish as well as an effective curriculum to prepare students for life after school.

Student-to-faculty ratio

While some students can succeed in large lecture-style classrooms, it’s not for everyone. Consider the student-to-faculty ratio when choosing your school and understand what kind of classrooms you’ll be spending your time in. Furthermore, get more in-depth with your research and take a look at the department where you’re planning to study because this can vary greatly at the same school.

Internships/research opportunities

Part of learning is getting experience. You can learn all kinds of professional theory while in a classroom, but the application is moot without real-world experience. Find out what kinds of internship and research opportunities your school offers before making a final decision. A school that offers neither will not be a great place for strong professional development before entering the workforce.

Travel opportunities

Like an internship or research opportunity, travel opportunities can be advantageous to your learning. It gives you a chance to see what your field is like outside of the bubble of campus and apply what you’ve already learned to real situations. If spending a semester abroad is something that you’d like to consider while in school, be sure that’s something that your school has to offer.

Campus safety

Campus safety cannot be understated. Most college campuses are safe places, but some are safer than others and all have different ways to reduce crime. The safety of you and your belongings is especially important during a time when you might be on your own for the first time. If you take a campus tour of a school you’re considering, ask about what they’re doing to ensure that students are safe on and near campus.

Career services

As graduation approaches, career services can help you prepare to go into the world by providing helpful feedback on resumes, improving interview skills, and some provide assistance with job placement right out of school. Research available career services so you can be aware of how your school will help you transition into the real world.

Get into your dream school

Our college prep guide is designed to help you make a decision to start your college career right. So, whether you find a school that has everything you’re looking for or a solid compromise to start with, Educational Attainment Services can help you get there. Contact us to learn more about how our services can help.