Deciding on a School with Ivy League College Admission Counseling

March 25, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Student who recived Ivy League college admission counseling.

After dreaming about getting into a select set of schools for years and having put in the work to get good grades, you’re now wondering which Ivy League school will be right for you. Despite sharing the same high profile, each school is different from the next, with its own unique culture and strengths that set it apart.

Educational Attainment Services helps students like yourself with everything involved in the application process, from writing the admissions essay and securing financial aid to the entire scholarship process.

Here are some tips to make things easier as you weigh which school is best for you.

Consider academic culture and student life

While attending an Ivy League school means you’ll have to prepare for rigorous studying, there are significant differences in how programs are structured at each of the schools.

If you like to learn through experimentation and widening your academic interests, a school like Brown University may be the best fit for you. Their relative lack of required or core classes gives you the freedom to take the ones that interest you most, encouraging exploration without putting your GPA at risk.

For a more strictly structured course, you can look to schools such as Dartmouth and Princeton. Another consideration here is potential for independent research.

Make sure to think about how the academic culture and student life at each school factor into the university experience you’d like to have and the future you’re hoping to build.

Don’t put too much emphasis on your GPA

A perfect GPA can place you at a strong advantage, but not having an extremely high one shouldn’t be a reason for you to rule out certain schools. At Educational Attainment Services, we’ve helped thousands of students without perfect test scores get into high-ranking colleges all over the world, including the same Ivy League schools you’re considering. See some of our students' admissions results here.

Even if your grades weren’t as high as you’d hoped, your college essay can highlight qualities you have that aren’t necessarily reflected in your academic record.

In other words, a slightly low GPA is not enough to disqualify you. Don’t rush to a choice based on that alone.

Think about funding

When considering funding, don’t picture it as an obstacle to attending the Ivy League college of your choice. Instead, think of it as simply one more process to take care of. Apart from helping students get into Ivy League colleges, we also assist with them maximizing funding and scholarship opportunities.

Depending on your unique profile, you may have better chances of securing funding or scholarships at certain schools more than others. You can go through the eligibility criteria for each school to get a clearer idea of where you have the best odds. And an admissions counselor can help you with further guidance.

Look into the career services

It’s also important to think about your plans after graduation. Ideally, you want to select a school that provides the appropriate support for helping you enter your chosen field. Look at things like industry connections within the field and services for helping you get noticed by prospective employers.

Ivy League schools have strong career services departments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all equally aligned with your prospects.

Get guidance for choosing the right Ivy League school

Educational Attainment Services can guide you, whether you’re just having trouble figuring which Ivy League school suits you best or you’re not sure about your chances of gaining admission or affording the tuition. We’ve helped thousands of students just like you, in situations like yours. Contact us today to start receiving expert guidance.