How college admission counseling can help you get into an Ivy League school

September 15, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Ivy league classroom.

Attending an Ivy League college can open up a world of opportunities for your future career. However, these schools are some of the most selective, and it can be difficult standing out from other applicants. That’s where Ivy League college admission counseling can help.

At Educational Attainment Services, our experienced counselors in Los Angeles help students secure placement at the top schools. Here's how our team can increase your chances of attending an Ivy League college:

Help with perfecting your college application essay

Your college essay plays a big role in whether you will get accepted into the school of your choice. Our Ivy League college admission counseling experts can help you make a big impression when it matters most.

While you might have a parent or friend take a look at your first draft, this usually isn’t enough to refine your essay up to Ivy League standards. You’ll want an objective, experienced pair of eyes to help you craft a standout essay.

Our team will not only spot typos and grammatical errors, but we will help you create a more compelling personal statement. We know what Ivy League admissions departments like to see, and we can guide you toward writing an essay that shines among the competition.

Assistance navigating the application process

There are many deadlines to be aware of when applying to college. After the initial application deadline, each college typically has a number of follow-up deadlines and additional document requests.

It’s your responsibility to keep up with these deadlines, and most colleges will not send out reminders. When you’re applying to multiple schools, managing all of this on your own can be difficult, especially if you’re still finishing up your senior year in high school.

Our Ivy League college admission counselors can make this process a breeze. We will keep track of all deadlines, follow up with schools when needed, and organize the paperwork that you’ll need during the application process.

Practicing your college interview

Some colleges require in-person interviews during the application process. This is a major opportunity to make a good impression on admissions staff, so it’s best to practice as much as possible.

Our college admission counselors can set up mock interviews and feedback sessions to sharpen your skills. With our help, you can put your best self forward during the interview process. Even if your school does not require an interview, it’s important to master this essential skill for your career.

In-depth career guidance

Where you attend school can greatly influence your career opportunities. For example, some Ivy Leagues are better suited for those who want to study the arts, while other schools are best for STEM students. It’s easy to get distracted by overall rankings, but it’s important to choose schools that will allow you to thrive based on your academic interests.

This is another area where our Ivy League college admission counseling team can help. We will take the time to fully understand your interests, natural talents, and ultimate career aspirations. Then, we can narrow down your options to the schools that would best fit your goals.

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The decisions you make during the college application process can greatly influence your career prospects and networking opportunities. Our Ivy League college admission counseling experts will help you make the right decisions and increase your chances of attending your dream school.

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