How to Get Scholarships for College

December 31, 2022 at 8:00 AM

Millions of Americans attend college each year to follow their passions and lay a foundation for the career they wish to pursue. However, pursuing higher education comes with a hefty price tag. Research from Next Gen Personal Finance shows that about 63% of undergraduates received at least one grant or scholarship to help cover tuition costs in 2021.

Tracking down college scholarships and grants doesn’t have to be challenging if you know where to look. This article will explain some places you can look for college scholarships. However, it’s recommended that you always seek the advice of a college consulting firm like Education Attainment Services for help with scholarships.

1. Federal student aid

Regardless of whether a student is attending a community college or a four-year university, they should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application provides the federal government with all the details they need to evaluate your financial need and tells you what aid you qualify for. Remember that most federal awards are based on financial need rather than merit.

2. College Board

While College Board provides college admissions advice and test prep resources for the SAT and ACT, it also provides students with a college scholarships search service with over 2,000 programs. Students can use the service and narrow down scholarships based on their demographic and academic information. This allows them to find scholarships that fit their qualifications and interests.

3. Fastweb

Since 1995, Fastweb has provided a free database full of financial aid opportunities and scholarships for college students. Students can participate in personalized scholarship matching and receive advice about FAFSA and federal assistance. The company also offers an internship search and publishes career planning guides on its website for students.

4. CareerOneStop

The U.S. Department of Labor sponsors CareerOneStop to provide students with resources and advice to find jobs. It also features a scholarship database with over 8,000 scholarship options for undergraduate, graduate, vocational, and professional development programs. Students can search for scholarships, fellowships, grants, prizes, and loan options on CareerOneStop.


Since 1998, has worked to help students find scholarships to afford college. The database has millions of scholarship options that fit an array of specific circumstances. It also breaks down scholarships by type, such as for veterans, athletes, and Latinx students.

6. Niche

Niche is an educational resource that can help students discover higher education options. It also provides a college scholarship search tool, which allows students to search for awards by major or demographic information.

7. Chegg

Chegg is a student-learning platform that offers scholarship opportunities for students. The platform’s scholarship database has over 25,000 scholarship opportunities and lets students find matches based on their personal and academic profiles.

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