How to Make the Most Out of Working With an Educational Consultant

August 24, 2022 at 7:00 AM

transition to college. From finding the right university to nailing the application process, educational consultants help students and their parents prepare for the journey ahead.

Educational Attainment Services is a college admissions advisory group dedicated to serving students and families from all walks of life with ethical, reasonably priced college advisory services. Find out more on what an educational consultant does and how you can make the most out of working with one below.

How can educational consultants help with the college process?

An educational consultant’s main job priority is assisting students and their parents through the college application and planning process. Consultants begin by evaluating the student and then identifying colleges that would be a fit for their interests and needs. Later in the process, they can advise on the application and financial aid processes.

In addition to working closely with the students, educational consultants also work closely with parents to ensure they know how to support their children during the process and help them plan for college.

Some standard responsibilities of educational consultants include the following:

  • Conducting aptitude tests and interviews to find out students’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Outlining student’s academic and career goals
  • Helping students develop skills like good study habits and time management
  • Translating aptitude tests into a student’s interests, skills, and abilities

How can students make the most of their time with an educational consultant?

Students can begin working with an educational consultant during their junior and senior years of high school. This gives them enough time to prep for the college process and build a strong application.

As your child works with an educational consultant, there are a few things you will want them to do to maximize their time and effort. These include:

Being honest about themselves

One of the essential things an educational consultant can do is help your child prepare for the path ahead. This can include showing them different career paths and options aligned with their interests.

But if your child is not being honest about their likes and dislikes, it makes the job of the educational consultant even harder. And it could inadvertently impact their college options and career paths.

Follow through on any work given by an educational consultant

If your child is given work to do by an educational consultant, it’s for an excellent reason. The work your child needs to do could revolve around taking aptitude tests or working on crafting their college essay. These two assignments will not only help them forge their path ahead but are essential to the college application process.

The best thing you can do is encourage your child to work on any assignments given with gusto and answer honestly. Encourage them to ask questions with the educational consultant if they get stuck on a particular problem or issue.

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