How independent educational consultants help students get into college

May 25, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A consultant editing an essay.

College applications and admissions are daunting and overwhelm students and parents alike. Fortunately, to maximize the chances of acceptance and help your child achieve their dreams, an independent educational consultant is an excellent solution. At Educational Attainment Services, we provide unrivaled consulting to help kids navigate college applications in Los Angeles and California. With a proven track record of getting students into Ivy League Schools, we gain students admission to universities and their dreams.

Here’s how consultants help students get into college:

Essay consulting

The college essay your child writes factors heavily into acceptance. Independent educational consultants provide crucial guidance in crafting an essay for admission to a top university.

Consultants teach students how to share their life experiences and what to include to reflect their strengths, leadership, and potential. With years of experience coaching students writing college essays, they have reviewed and polished innumerable personal statements.

Utilizing self-reflection exercises, brainstorming techniques, editing lessons, and more, consultants instill the skills in your child they need to write an impactful, effective college essay. Ultimately, an educational consultant helps devise a strategy.

Developing a cohesive personal narrative is essential for acceptance to top schools. Your child needs to understand where they’re going, where they would like to go, how to articulate where they’ve been, and what experiences and values are most meaningful to them.

For essay consulting that maximizes the chances of acceptance, at EAS, we boast a proven method of essay writing support that helps students speak their dreams into existence.

Financial aid and funding

Independent educational consultants also help students obtain financial aid and funding. College is extremely expensive. If you can’t afford it, college simply isn’t feasible.

However, even if you don’t have the resources to afford your child’s dream university, financial aid is available. Consultants help students find and apply to the perfect scholarships and financial aid programs for them and their circumstances.

Consultants know what schools offer suitable scholarships and what scholarships your child qualifies for. Consultants also ensure your child fully understands financial aid packages when they receive them so they use them responsibly.

If securing funding is a concern, at EAS, we can help your child find scholarships and financial aid resources to finance their dreams.

Application and admissions expertise

An independent educational consultant is an indispensable resource in helping students navigate the application and admissions process.

This process overwhelms most students and inundates them with strategic questions, like when to apply, what tests to register for, how to construct an activity list, what application materials they need, and how to use the various electronic applications platforms.

Consultants help students maneuver through this process to position and prime themselves for acceptance. Consultants help with every aspect of this process, including setting up college tours, choosing the right university, finding the right career and major, and teaching students how to fill out and improve their applications.

More importantly, with an independent educational consultant, students receive individualized, one-on-one attention so they are always informed about their specific college admissions process, priorities, what areas they need to focus on, and the right strategic decisions for them.

A personalized plan for the application process is crucial and increases the chances of acceptance by ensuring your application is competitive.

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If the college application process is daunting for you, an independent educational consultant in Los Angeles can relieve the stress and maximize your student's chances of acceptance to a top university. Fortunately, at EAS, we are the premier solution. Plus, for more help, our founder and CEO Mark Lewis' book Affording and Surviving College is an unequaled resource. Contact us now to get started!