“Is my child ready for college?” Signs to look for

December 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM
“Is my child ready for college?” Signs to look for

Going off to college is a big decision for both students and parents. For most, it’s an entirely new experience that can be overwhelming. It’s normal for parents to ask, “Is my child ready for college?” At Educational Attainment Services, we can help you identify a few signs that will help you know if your child is ready for college.

Mastering AP and honors courses

The academic side of preparing for college is an essential piece to ensuring that your child will have success in higher education. Take a look at their grades and see if they’re doing well in their AP or honors courses. Those who do well in these classes often make a seamless transition into college, as they’re meant to prepare students for the rigors that come with college courses.

Solid time-management skills

There’s a lot going on in college. Aside from classes and study time, there are almost always social activities going on that often tempt students to step away from their studies. Freshmen often have a difficult time balancing their studies with socializing because it’s a new experience. Those who have learned how to manage their time in high school are often more successful than those who haven’t.

Can learn from failure

Not everybody is going to transition so smoothly into college that they don’t fail a quiz, exam, or paper at some point. Failing at some point in college is relatively common. However, it’s important that your child has the ability to learn from a small failure like a single quiz or paper so the problem doesn’t compound and make things worse. Some students will take a small failure much harder than they should and it continues to be a problem. Those who know how to learn from a failure will know what it takes to improve on a poor result so it doesn’t happen again.


Part of learning how to grow from failure is having strong self-awareness. Some students can bounce right back after doing poorly on an exam and do well the next week. Others might not have this ability. It’s important to have the self-awareness to know when to seek help as a student. Some students might let their struggles in a class persist for too long, then it’s too late to bring up a grade. Those who know they’re going to need help will benefit from getting a tutor or working with a study group at the first sign of trouble so they have the help they need.

Ability to function independently

In addition to taking on the daily load of classes and studying, college students now have to take on the role of a homemaker. They’ll need to make time to do their laundry, make meals, clean the apartment, and do other daily tasks that they might not have had to worry about before they left home. Parents can help their children prepare for college by encouraging them to do these items around the house starting in their junior year of high school. Learning what it takes to keep a house running is a great way to ensure that your child knows what all they’re going to have to do once they’re on their own.

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