Why College Applicants are Opting to Work with an Online College Coach

January 5, 2021 at 10:30 PM
A college coach online can still help you get into the college of your dreams.

Applying to college these days takes more than filling out an application and showing up to an interview. There are so many nuanced aspects to getting into your top pick for undergrad. The application process might feel like a completely unfamiliar skill. However, it’s not a skill that you have to learn yourself. There are resources to give you an insider’s perspective on the college application process.

College prep coaches work with you to highlight your best attributes and target them to individual colleges. They’ll help you nail your interview and provide feedback on your college essay drafts to ensure it reflects your best self. If you’re concerned about a lack of resources in your area, or you’re already dealing with a packed schedule, you can do as many college applicants these days have already done and work with a college coach online.

What does an online college coach do?

Luckily, a college prep coach’s services don’t require in-person meetings for you to get the full benefit. When you reach out to Educational Attainment Services (EAS) for help with your college journey, they can offer guidance over the phone, online, and through their scheduled webinars. Following are some ways an online college coach will help you get into your top undergrad program.

Provide guidance picking the right school.

A lot goes into deciding where you’ll go to undergrad, but you don’t want to limit your options out of fear of the cost preemptively. At EAS, we match our clients with financial aid and scholarships, so they’re never limited by funding when it comes to attending their top pick for college.

We can also help you decide on your top five schools, whether you already know your major or have no idea what you want to study. Regardless of your focus–whether it’s sports or career-oriented, we can match you with a program where you’ll thrive. We have a proven track record of helping students get into Ivy League schools–there’s no dream too ambitious for us to help you achieve it.

Application help, for undergrad, transfer, and graduate schools.

We’ve seen every application out there; private colleges, state universities, community colleges, and liberal arts. If you’re moving on from undergrad into graduate school, we can help you ace your medical or law school application. If you’re in the middle of your college experience and anxious about what the future holds, an online college coach can provide insight and guidance. They’ll help you structure your remaining semesters with an eye towards your future endeavors.

Help to perfect the college essay.

The college essay has stumped students for generations. It’s one of the most critical aspects of your college application but can be the most challenging area to stand out and shine to admissions officers. It’s often an under-used aspect of the college application because it gives students a chance to highlight what makes them a unique asset for potential undergrad programs.

An online college coach will review drafts, provide feedback, and help college seniors find their voice within the college essay structure. You can set yourself apart from a stack of applications, even if you don’t have a great GPA

To work with a college coach online, reach out to Educational Attainment Services.

Our experienced team can help you narrow down your list of colleges, prepare for the application process, even find and secure financial aid and scholarships. We work with students with a wide range of GPAs, developing their college applications and college essays to show admissions officers their best selves.

Whatever your academic standing or higher education goals, we can help you realize your dreams of a college degree. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the application process, contact Educational Attainment Services–we can help.