Using college admissions counseling services to your advantage

Applying to college can feel like a daunting process, especially when you're aiming for an Ivy League institution. With college admissions counseling services, you can stand out against other students and increase your chances of being accepted to the college of your dreams. At Educational Attainment Services, we help students throughout Los Angeles secure places at the colleges they prefer. If you've never used a service like ours before, it may help to learn more about how we can assist you through the college admissions process.

Helping you meet deadlines

The deadlines associated with the college admissions process can often feel confusing. When you're moving through your senior year, trying to remember exams, and working your way through college applications, there's a chance something will slip.

Your college admissions counselor will ensure you meet your deadlines ahead of time. Meeting them in good time is important as it ensures you're well-prepared for each phase of the application. It gives you the chance to write essays, prepare for standardized tests, and attend any events. When someone is helping you minimize the amount of time you spend rushing, the college admissions process feels less stressful and you can put the best version of yourself forward.

Organizing your standardized tests

Not all college applicants will sit for standardized tests. However, there are certain academic fields and particular colleges that require them. Sometimes multiple dates are available for each test. It's in your best interest to organize your testing dates so you have plenty of time to prepare for each one.

Using a college admissions counseling service, you can apply for and sit for each test in a way that benefits you. Your admissions counselor will familiarize themselves with you and your strengths and weaknesses to help you create a testing timetable that gives you the best chances of success.

Objectively reading your admissions essays

There's no avoiding admissions essays, especially when you're applying to certain colleges. It's always wise to have someone else look over your essay for you. In addition to spotting potential flaws, they can look at areas you may need to change.

Naturally, you need someone as objective as possible to go over your essays. Asking a friend or your parents isn't likely to attract the right type of critique. Either they'll be too kind, or they'll be too harsh. Similarly, a teacher who's particularly fond of you may not be as objective as you need them to be.

Your success is your college counselor's main focus and they know what admissions teams are looking for. An excellent counselor will identify potential flaws and constructively critique them to bring out the best in your work. They can help you adopt the right writing techniques, too.

Finding the right fit for your career

Sometimes a college counselor proves to be most useful during the search process. You might have a particular career in mind and they'll help you find a college that's the best fit.

Securing the best fit for your aspirations is about more than looking at top-ranking schools. Your counselor will discuss your interests, lifestyle, and desires. Their in-depth knowledge of colleges will allow them to direct you toward one where you're likely to thrive. As you're going to spend at least four years in your new academic setting, you need to find one where you're happy and likely to feel motivated to excel in your studies.

With the right admissions counseling service, you can make the college admissions process a breeze. Having someone else organize your time and applications will prevent you from missing important deadlines. If you're interested in using an independent college admissions counselor in Los Angeles, call 800 706 4134 or email