What is an EAS Counselor?

March 26, 2021 at 12:00 AM
Young woman accepted to Ivy League college after working with an EAS counselor.

Applying for college is not as straightforward as most think. Good grades alone are not enough to ensure acceptance, and slightly unexceptional grades certainly don’t disqualify you from getting into your dream college. The same goes for not currently having enough funding.

We know this because we’ve helped thousands of students get into universities all over the world, guiding them through every stage from the college application essay to scholarship applications. We’re Educational Attainment Services, an admissions consultancy dedicated to helping students in your position.

If you’re to work with an EAS counselor to land a place at your preferred college and set the stage for a fulfilling career, here’s what you can expect.

They help you with choosing a college

Deciding which colleges to apply to is a difficult task. You run the risk of toning down your expectations and shortchanging yourself if you don’t think your grades are good enough. Even with good grades, you’re probably lost as to how you can stand above the fierce competition.

Our founder and CEO, Mark Lewis, has served in admissions offices at Harvard University and the University of California at Berkeley. You can draw on this experience to get an inside perspective into the admissions process.

And there’s no limit to the colleges you can apply to. An EAS counselor is open to hearing wherever you’d like to study, anywhere in the world. Whether that’s an Ivy League school, Oxbridge, a good college local to you, or somewhere else on the globe, you’ll receive expert advice that fits your ambitions.

Even if you’re still unsure where at all to study and what major to pick, you can rely on your counselor to understand your strengths and passions and make tailored recommendations.

They help you with applying

After deciding on the right colleges for you, the next step is applying. A crucial part of this is the college application essay, where you have a chance to display a fuller picture of your qualities than your academic record can tell. If your grades aren’t as high as you’d hoped, this is an opportunity to stand out. And if you have perfect grades, it’s an essential tool for maximizing your chances.

An EAS counselor helps you to tell a compelling story that shows your potential, even if you don’t think you have a strong one at the moment.

They also provide coaching to prepare you for the interview process, so you can further the points you made in your essay in person.

They help you secure funding

You’re probably worried about how on earth you’ll pay the steep tuition fees after getting accepted. An EAS counselor guides you through finding a solution to this problem as well.

They assist with preparing an application that communicates your story and convinces scholarship committees. Whichever school you decide on, and however high the fees, your counselor helps you to identify and capitalize on all available funding opportunities.

Students working with an EAS counselor have received over $35 million in merit scholarships over the last 5 years to attend some of the world’s top universities.

Get into your dream college and secure financial aid with an EAS counselor

Your chances of attending the school you want and getting help to pay for it are higher than you think. Educational Attainment Services works with students in all kinds of situations, with all sorts of GPAs. Let’s work together to develop an application that paints a complete picture of what you’re capable of. Contact us today to start preparing for entry into your college of choice.