When You Need a College Admission Assistant

March 11, 2023 at 8:00 AM

One of the most dreaded questions a high school student can face is: Where are you going to college? The reason why is that the college process can be especially challenging and nerve-racking for some. Some parents and students may feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and the number of things to keep track of, from the SAT to applying early decision to early action.

If you or your child are feeling overwhelmed about the process, it may be worth hiring a college admissions assistant. This article will explain more about college admissions assistants, including when you should consider hiring one.

What is a college admissions assistant?

A college admission assistant, also referred to as college counselors or admissions coaches, advise students on how to prepare themselves for the college admission process during high school. They can also provide guidance on what the right college list looks like for a particular student and help them create the most competitive college application possible.

In fact, many families find a college admissions assistant early in high school as it enables their child to prepare as much as possible for the college admissions process. It also enables students to feel like they can reach their max potential, rather than stressing about the application process as it happens.

Does my child really need help applying for college?

Applying for college used to be a lot more straightforward. You would fill out a form, your school sent your class rank, and standardized test scores, and you would hear back in the spring. Now, there’s a lot more to it. Here are several reasons you should consider hiring a college admission assistant to help your child prepare.

  1. Schools are more competitive. Admissions rates at selective colleges and universities have plummeted over the last few years, with admissions rates hovering in the single digits. The reason why is that more students are applying to college. This can make it hard to stand out, which is why hiring a college admissions assistant can be a lucrative investment for your child’s future.
  2. Guidance counselors are overwhelmed. You may be wondering what the difference is between a guidance counselor and an admission consultant. While high school guidance counselors are extremely hardworking, they often cannot prioritize helping good students navigate the college admissions process or become more competitive applicants. The reason why is there is just not enough time. A college admissions assistant is someone you can hire who will put their best foot forward in helping your child stand out in college applications.
  3. There are lots of intricacies to the admissions process. It can be hard for students and parents who are busy to keep track of creating and updating a college list, figuring out the essays for each school, knowing which schools to visit, and sending test scores. Hiring someone to help you takes the weight off your shoulders and ensures that everything gets done on time.

Education Attainment Services provides ethical, accessible college admissions assistance.

At Education Attainment Services, we believe the skills students learn during the college application process will support their success throughout their careers. Our consultants come from backgrounds on both sides of the application process. They have worked in college counseling and admissions offices and have also helped students with their applications. The EAS suite of services includes individual and group advising and regular seminars. Our clients become experts not only in college admissions but in telling their stories to reflect their accomplishments and potential.

Get the expertise you need to get into––and pay for––the college of your dreams with EAS college admissions assistance.